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What's In My Camera bag

Updated: Apr 20

I sometimes get asked about the equipment that I use to make my images. I thought I’d put together a list of items that I use on a regular basis along with a brief summary of what I like about that particular piece of equipment. This post is regularly updated to my latest equipment.

My Camera

Canon EOS R5 - I love this camera. It has everything I need, and the sharpness and the lack of noise in this camera is excellent.

My Lenses

Canon RF 14-35mm f4 L Series Lens - My super wide angle lens for when I need it.

Canon RF 24–105mm f4 L Series Lens - This is my work horse lens. I use this one probably 80% of the time.

Canon RF 100-500mm f4.5-7.1 L Series Lens - My big zoom lens. It is a great lens and a great price for what it does. Though I wouldn't suggest it if you are a full-time wildlife or sports photographer as it isn't fast enough for those situations.

Canon RF Extender 1.4x - Helpful when you need that extended reach. It takes my 100-500mm up to 700mm.

Canon EF 100mm Macro f2.8 Lens - Love this lens. It is a lot of fun to work with macros and it is tack sharp. It also works well for portrait photography too.

Extension Tubes - Sometimes I don't want to haul around my macro lens particularly when I am traveling. This little guy is a perfect substitute in those situations.

My Camera Bag

Shimoda Explore 30L Bag - I have a number of camera bags but I love this one the most. It is designed as a hiking pack as well as a camera bag. It is also designed to fit the overhead bag dimensions for U.S. and European flights. Plus I can take the core out if I am forced to check it Couldn't recommend this bag more.

I also use an Atlas Pack Athlete for larger hiking trips and a Brevit Backpack for trips to cities where I need less gear.

My Accessories

Hoodman Loop - Perfect when you need to see your screen on a bright sunny day.

Kase Filter Kit - Every landscape photographer needs a filter kit. Mine includes a polarizer and ND filters. I love the Kase filters because they attach magnetically. I don't use graduated ND filters as I prefer to exposure stack my images in those cases.

Peak Design Capture Clip - This little guy is another helpful tool. It clicks to my camera bag's chest strap and allows me to hook my camera to it when I am hiking around thus allowing me easy access to my camera.

LumeCube Light - It is a super bright light that I can use in replacement of a flash. I can adjust the level of light as well as the color it produces. I can also use it to light paint at night. And as an added bonus it serves as a charging device if needed.

Headlight - Another necessary tool of the landscape photographer.

Soonfire Flashlight - In case I need more power than my headlight and I can also use it for light painting.

Camera Rain Coat / Camera Bag Rain Cover - You never know when you will get caught in a downpour. I also carry a shower cap as that is sometimes easier to toss over my camera in a light rain. Other Standard Accessories - This includes camera batteries, charger, SD cards, cleaning kit, remote camera trigger, and lens hoods.

My Tripod

Feisol CT-3442 Tripod - Great tripod particularly for the price. I love it as it a sturdy tripod but it packs down to 18.9 inches and extends to 54.3 inches and only weighs 2.5 pounds.

Ulanzi Travel Tripod - Packs even smaller and tighter than my Feisol. Plus it weighs less. Perfect when a compact lightweight tripod is needed.

RRS BH-40 Ballhead - One of the best ballheads around.

L-Bracket - Once you start using an L-Bracket you will never go back.

Rock Bag - This attaches to my tripod as a little basket and allows me to juggle gear whilst doing such tasks as changing lenses and adding filters. It also is helpful if I ever need to weigh my tripod down (if it is windy or in the water).

PlatyPod Ultra - Another helpful tripod (though technically not a tripod) particularly if you are in a location that doesn't allow tripods.

For My iPhone

Selfie Stick & Remote - My wife and I always bring one with us when we travel.

Vallerret Markhof Pro Model 2.0 Photography Gloves

Other Stuff I Carry With Me

Butt Pad - So I have someplace comfy and dry to sit.

Matador Mini Pocket Blanket - So I can spread it out on the ground to keep myself dry if I am laying down.

Essentials Kit – Advil, Kleenax, Band Aids, Hand Sanitizer, Multitool, Knife.

Water & Snacks - If I am hiking much I will toss in some snacks and water.

Light Rain Jacket - I just keep it in my bag along with my camera rain gear for when I need it. Vallerret Photography Gloves - If it is going to be cold, these are awesome to keep your hands warm. The finger tips for the thumb and index finger flip off so you can work your camera as needed. I have three different types that I used depending the level of cold weather.

Post-Production Work & Editing

Adobe Lightroom - My work horse where most of my editing occurs.

Adobe Photoshop - Sometimes you just need a bit more done to the photo and this is where Adobe Photoshop comes in.

Topaz DeNoise AI and Topaz Sharpen AI - These softwares are excellent and removing noise and sharpening. I always use them if I took a high ISO shot or if Lightroom just isn't doing the job on cleaning up a photo. I also use Topaz Gigapixel if I ever need to enlarge a photo beyond the original file size.

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